What we do

EZ Gold Exchange makes gold buying EZ!  We offer a range of software, products and services that make it easy to successfully add, operate, and grow a precious metal purchasing operation at your retail locations.  We provide our services in two ways:

1. Comprehensive, Turn-Key:  We partner with retail chains to provide a comprehensive turn-key solution that makes establishing and operating highly lucrative precious metal purchasing (gold-buying) services EZ.  With limited investment, risk, or distraction, retailers can quickly realize results and add a significant additional revenue stream.

2. A-La-Carte: We offer our range of software, products and services on an a-la-carte basis.  Pick and choose which services you need, and use them to help grow your existing gold-buying operations or to help establish new operations.

We offer full service capabilities and specialize in all aspects of integrating and growing a gold-buying service addition to your business.  We offer much more than just refining services.  With over 70+ years of experience in the retail precious metal purchasing business, best-in-industry training and gold buying software platform, and comprehensive capabilities, you can count on EZ Gold Exchange to help make precious metal purchasing a highly lucrative, and very low maintanence addition to your business.

For more information on how we can help you add or grow this lucrative addition to your retail business, complete the ‘Request Additional Info’ form and we’ll be in touch.