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'GoldSoft' Transaction Management Software

 'GoldSoft' is our proprietary web-hosted transaction software.  It is highly intuitive, easy to use, yet provides advanced functionality and sophisticated reporting.  Here's a summary of a few highlights of the features and functions:

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface - Limited training is necessary, making it very easy for new employees to utilize and begin conducting transactions.
  • Quick transaction processing - Very little time is required to conduct transactions.
  • Web-hosted - Quick and easy to deploy across any IT environment.  Central control for easy management.  Real-time reporting.
  • Highly Scalable - Works great for single locations, yet is ideal for large multi-store chains.  We have organizations with 1000's of locations utilizing GoldSoft.
  • Powerful Management & Administrative Functions - Easily manage and control Transactions, Users, Stores, Pricing, Regulatory Reporting, Shipments, Ad Sources, Promotions, and much more from an intuitive central administrative console.
  • Valuable and Extensive Real-Time Reporting - View Performance, Transactions, Financials, Inventory Status, Ad Source, Demographics, and much more from real-time, easy to use, and highly customizable reports.

Our clients give us rave reviews about GoldSoft.  If you're interested in a seeing a demo, please contact us.


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  • Monthly - $69 /month / location
  • 1 Year - $540 ($45/month/location)
  • 3 Year - $1260 ($35/month/location)


Our training will provide your employees with the knowledge and information they need to know to make precious metals purchasing a success for your company.  Our online Learning Management System provides numerous interactive course modules that include interactive instruction, games, quizes and knowledge tests to ensure that your employees absorb the information and are ready to successfully begin (or improve upon) purchasing precious metals.

For a sample of the online training course, please view the video below....

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  • 1 User - $50 / course
  • 10-20 Users - $40 / course
  • 20-50 Users - $30 /course

Phone Support

We offer top notch live phone support from highly experienced experts.  One of the keys to success in this business is making sure that your employees are comfortable, confident and accurate when testing and verifying items, and conducting transactions.  Whether it is a question about a unique item, a software question, or a second opinion to ensure a mistake is not being made on a large transaction, we're here to help.  We highly recommend you take advantage of this service to avoid costly mistakes, and to increase employee confidence and overall product performance.

  • Monthly - $49 /month / location
  • 1 Year - $240 ($20/month/location)
  • 3 Year - $540 ($15/month/location)

Web Marketing/Consumer Demand Generation

Our web marketing network can help drive significant additional business to your location(s).  Our network of 150+ SEO optimized websites steer local customers looking for places to sell their precious metals directly to your store(s).  With over 100,000+ visitors a month, we drive substantial traffic to our client's locations.  As much 30%+ of new customers and $ revenue is generated from our web marketing network for many of our client's locations.

  • 100,000+ Visitors a Month
  • Up to 30% + of new customers and $ revenue for many locations
  • Monthly - $50 / location
  • 1 Year - $240 ($20/month/location)
  • 3 Year - $540 ($15/month/location)

Refining / Brokerage of Inventory

EZ Gold Exchange brokers the sale of your inventory to get the maximum amount for your precious metals.  We work closely with refiners, but we are not a refiner ourselves, and do not purchase our clients precious metals.  This is by design, and we like it this way.   This way we are on the same side of the transaction as our clients.  This incentivizes us to get the maximum amount of revenue for our clients inventory, because the more money we're able to get for our clients, the more money we're able generate together for us as well.  And, because of the large volume of transactions we conduct with refiners, we are able to negotiate a better deal for your precious metals from the refiners. 

  • No commitment – 15%
  • 1 Year Commitment – 12%
  • 3 Year Commitment – 9%

Quality Control / Secondary Testing

We offer secondary testing and quality control review of your stores transactions all the way down to specific items.  Any mistakes or variations that are discovered during this process are thoroughly noted in detail and provided back to you in the form of a detailed report.  This can is very beneficial for several reasons:

1.) This will let you know if your employees are properly trained and if they are conducting transactions correctly.  If they are not, this can be very costly in the form of bad purchases that will eat away at your margins.  

2.) This process will also identify any potential employee theft scams, and is also a good deterrent.  Again, this will help avoid the purchase of fake material that can significantly impact your profit margin.

3.) During this process we are able to get a very accurate value estimate of the inventory, ensuring that refiners are providing maximum value for your precious metals.

  • Quality Control Item Review & Feedback $15 / shipment

Equipment - Testing Kits

  • Equipment - Starter Kit (per location - 1 time) $400

Marketing Materials / Signage

  • A-frame $150
  • Windfeather $200
  • Banner $150
  • Fliers - 2000 $400


We offer a comprehensive turn-key package including all of the above products and services for midsize and large sized retail chains.  There are many benefits to the turn-key package for midsize and larger chains.  Please contact us for additional information.