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Gold buying supplies/ Equipment break down

Professional gold buying supplies are essential in building employee confidence and customer satisfaction.

  Gold buying supplies are important tools that you will need when purchasing precious metals. Let us stock your inventory with gold buying supplies that are necessary tools to work with confidence.  The best gold buying supplies will include testing acid and a certified scale. Acid testing is the most reliable and accurate form of testing, and will help assure that you’re giving a fair appraisal for your customer’s gold, silver, and platinum. We can provide all the necessary tools to accurately authenticate all gold, silver, and platinum items from jewelry to scrap gold items. Each gold testing kit will include the following gold buying supplies:

Gold, Silver, Platinum testing acids


  • Testing chemicals     


                  a.   (2) bottles of 14k chemical

                  b.   (2) bottles of 18k chemical

                  c.   (2) bottles of 22k chemical

                  d.   (1) bottle of Platinum chemical

Extra unopened bottles should be kept either in a refrigerator or a dark cool area.

  • Slate testing stone
  • (2) 3-sided jewelry files
  • (1) Rare-earth magnet (48 lb pull)
  • Certified jewelry scale (A& D EK-1200i) This is a very important item to have in your gold buying supplies. Some city ordinates require a certified scale to be used when buying precious metals
  • (2) Jeweler’s loupes
  • Windowed Jewelry Envelopes

Additional gold buying supplies suggested but Not included in this testing kit:

16″ x 16″ ceramic tile (Protects the counter top)

  • Available at Lowes / Home Depot for under $3.00

Box of baking soda

8 oz to 12 oz  plastic cup (For water/ baking soda solution)

Small plastic or Styrofoam cup to hold dry baking soda

Paper towels

Gold buying supplies/ Equipment break down