EZ Gold Exchange is your premiere precious metal purchasing partner.  We started off in 2009 to help a friend roll-out gold-buying services in 40 locations across Texas and Oklahoma.  We quickly found there was a need for better POS software and more complete services than was currently on the market.  Bringing decades of precious metals purchasing experience from the pawn industry along with technology experience, we set-out to build our own Software (‘GoldSoft’), training systems, logistics, processing, on-call support, consumer marketing services, and much more.  With much thought, effort and some luck, we turned out what our clients tell us is the best Gold-Buyer POS Software on the market, and the best and most comprehensive end-to-end services available to enable retailers to add this lucrative product to their locations.  Since then, we’ve grown from 40 affiliate locations to over 2000+. 

Meet the Team….

Courtland (Corky) L. Logue, Jr.

CEO & Co-Founder


Corky is well known as a highly successful serial entrepreneur and throughout the financial services and pawn industries as an industry pioneer.  In 1974, Corky opened his first pawnshop, EZ Pawn.  As founder, CEO, and President, Corky took EZ Corp public (NASDAQ: EZPW) in 1991, raising over $100 million and expanding to 226 locations by 1994.  Corky also served as Chairman of ABG Corp. from 1996-97, and is currently CEO and Chairman of Courtland Financial Corp., National Pawn, Maricopa County Financial, and Pima County Financial.  Corky was named Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” for Greater Austin in 1992 by Inc. Magazine.  Mr. Logue holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas.


Steven C. Owen

President & Co-Founder


Steven is responsible for business strategy, business development, and overall operations for EZ Gold Exchange, LLC. Previously, as an IBM Account Executive, Steven led sales and IT consulting efforts for IBM’s systems group to more than two dozen Fortune 500 clients, generating more than $100 million in revenue over a 5 year period. Prior to joining IBM, Steven served as a strategic consultant of ecommerce strategies at MarchFirst.  Steven holds a B.S. in Management Science Engineering from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.


Larry Pali

Director of Operations


Larry is a well known pawn and jewelry industry veteran with over 30+ years experience.  Larry leads EZ Gold Exchange’s training and jewelry processing operations.  Previous to joining EZ Gold Exchange, Larry served as President and General Manager of National Pawn and Jewelry, a 25 store chain in which he is a partner.  From 1995-2000, Larry headed up training operations for Doc Holiday’s.  From 1980-1995, Larry developed and ran EZ Corp.’s Central Jewelry Processing facility, overseeing all jewelry and gold-buying operations for all EZ Corp. locations.