Client Success

At EZ Gold Exchange, we pride ourselves on our clients’ success.  By developing valuable interdependent long-term relationships with our retail partners and clients — and through the delivery of industry leading technology, services and results — EZ Gold Exchange’s client network has grown to over 2000+ locations across the country.  Here’s what our clients have to say about us and our services….

“EZ Gold has the entire package.  From employee training to detailed back-end reporting, they have made the transition into the gold buying business fast and efficient.  We love the fact that gold buying has become a “hands off” business, and employees can rely on the EZ Gold staff to assist with any of their questions.”

Christy Johnson

Paycheck Advance

“As a very satisfied business partner of EZ Gold Exchange, I highly endorse them and the results that they have delivered for CashMax throughout our partnership.  After careful consideration of and investigation into a roll-out of gold buying operations at CashMax, we realized rolling out this entirely new business on our own would be more complex, costly, and lengthy than we initially thought, as well as pose a potential distraction from our core business.  After consideration of arrangements with other 3rd party vendors, we came to the conclusion that EZ Gold Exchange provided the best comprehensive and custom solution available to minimize risks and maximize profit.  Our partnership with EZ Gold Exchange provided a comprehensive, end-to-end solution — experience, training, equipment, set-up, regulatory compliance, operations, a phenomenal SW package, management, advertising, capital, etc, etc. – that otherwise would have taken significant investment, time, resources and learning curve to develop, let alone match.  EZ Gold Exchange took care of everything required and very rapidly and effectively rolled-out the gold business throughout our company.  EZ Gold integration with our company, from top-to-bottom, has been extremely smooth, easy, and effective.  Their continued involvement and management across the board makes this an extremely profitable, very low maintenance part of our business.

As a result of our partnership, we have realized excellent results as well as large and rapidly growing profits, far faster and far greater than we could have realized otherwise.  With very minimal time and resource requirements, close to zero investment and risk to CashMax, and without any distraction to our core business, I would certainly classify our partnership with EZ Gold Exchange as a very wise decision and great success for CashMax.”

Dylan White
CashMax Title & Loan

“…we came to the conclusion that EZ Gold Exchange provided the best comprehensive and custom solution available to minimize risk and maximize profit.  Turned out we were right.”

Jeremy Raymond

Federal Cash Advance